Creativity is More than Art // Meet Camille from Friday We’re In Love

Camille from Friday We’re In Love is a business girl with an MBA and she is one of the most creative people I know. She applies her creativity to her weekly dates with her husband, parenting her two darling boys, running her business, and more! I’m excited to share some of her thoughts on creativity with you today.

Meet Camille Whiting from Friday We’re In Love: A family lifestyle blog sharing creative date ideas and intentional family fun.

Why is creating important to you?

It’s my outlet, it’s my job, and it’s a source of learning for me.

When you are in a creative funk, what do you do to reignite your creativity?

Travel, go for a run, go out on the town.

Would you label yourself as “creative”?

I haven’t always labeled myself as a creative, but I do now! Where I lack traditional art talent, I’ve learned that I create original ideas and concepts regularly. I’m a business girl with an MBA and I’ve learned creativity applies to the traditional left-brain practices as much as it does the right! I’ve had to solve big problems creatively. One of my finals was to invent a new accounting system for a country without a standard currency showing booking for U.S. tax purposed. Three hours later I was like– I just created a financial system and either aced or failed a class! I’m pleased to report it was the former.

How have you developed creativity?

I’ve learned to come up with new ways of doing things in so many aspects of jobs I’ve had and in my own business. I run a digital publication and it took me a long time to appreciate the original ideas and innovations in what I do! But aside from that, I love to learn and try new things. I love to cook, to photograph, and I really love to write. I’m always learning and trying new things in so many different formats that it’s made realize I am a creative after all!

Plus, I’ve made to small humans from scratch. Infertility is a piece of my story, so the fact that I’ve realized motherhood and two tough pregnancies only to see these perfect little humans reminds me every moment that I’ve been blessed to experienced the ultimate in creativity!

What is your favorite creative activity that someone might not expect?

I’ve always wanted to publish a children’s book. I have a few I’ve drafted and one day it’s something I’d love to achieve!

Who do you follow on Instagram for creative inspiration?

@jennykomeda and @angelarosehome for home ideas, @weekendcraft for crafty projects, @elisecreates for creative business ideas, and @simplyonpurpose for creative parenting solutions.


Follow Camille on Instagram at @fridaywereinlove or visit her blog at! You’ll love her creative date ideas for every couple and her newest launch– a free printable kit for a year of dates to give as a gift to your significant other. I’m biased, because I helped design it, but the creativity she has put into this gift idea over the years is amazing.

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