Happy Bowling Ball Day!

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “Elise, you’re crazy. It’s actually Pi Day which isn’t even a real holiday.”

But, no.

It’s Bowling Ball Day. And it’s a very special day for me.

Four years ago today I was on spring break with some friends and a bowling ball fell from the top of a flagpole and hit me on the head. I fell from the 5 ft platform I was standing on and had a seizure on the ground. My friends called 911. I was taken in an ambulance to the local hospital where they discovered that my spinal fluid was leaking into my brain, so they life-flighted me to the UofU Neuro Care Clinic.

Ashli and I on the platform with the flagpole.

A couple of CAT scans and 8 staples later, I was on my way to recovery. My skull was fractured from front to back. (You know how babies have a soft spot when they’re born because their skull is in two parts? I split it open again.) I also had a severe concussion. I was in the hospital for 4 days, at home on Loritab (which makes Full House ten times funnier) for another week, and I couldn’t wash my hair for another 3 weeks until they removed the staples.

Look at the top of the flagpole in the background, you can see the bowling ball in its prongs.

News story:

The loooong story can be found here.

I love Bowling Ball Day because I remember how loved I am. I remember that I am very lucky blessed to be alive today. In more ways than one, that accident should have killed me. So I have no doubt that I have reason to be alive today. (Bowling Ball Day is like a second birthday!)

Tonight, I’ll be going bowling with some good friends to celebrate. Oh, and we’ll be eating pie. Of course. 🙂