I'm Elise and I'm a much bigger fan of Oreos than I am of "About Me" sections. (Kidding. Kind of.) I've had a passion for blogging and design for nearly 15 years now - this site is my dream come true, bringing all of my favorite things together.

I’ve been designing since the early days of Kelly Clarkson’s music career when I’d spend hours entering “Make a Kelly Desktop Background” competitions on American Idol message boards. Since then, I’ve spent time refining my design style through a variety of courses in college and working at a local marketing firm.

After years of working in graphic design, I’ve found a love for custom designs for blogs, wedding announcements, and all kinds of party invitations and decor. If you're interested in a custom project or a collaboration, please email me at elisecreates@gmail.com.

When I'm not designing, I'm watching Psych with my husband or using all the self-control I have while looking at baby clothes for our little girl coming in June 2018. Whether you're here for a custom design project or just to catch up on my blog, I hope you stick around for a while!