Give Yourself Permission to Make a Mess // Meet Jessica Daly

I’ve been inspired by Jessica since the day I discovered her Gingerbread Joy Project on Instagram. I fell in love with the creativity and skill behind these projects, followed her personal account, and learned to love her even more. She’s kind, inspiring, brave, talented, and creative in so many aspects of her life. I’d like to be Jessica Daly when I grow up. 😉 

You can find Jessica on Instagram at @jessica.n.daly.

I’m currently a stay at home Mom extraordinaire. Most of my projects are devoted to teaching my babies and giving them a magical childhood.

Creating is important to me because it’s how I express myself. I think the internal gratification (and external praise) feels good. The “look what I can accomplish!” feeling. 

I definitely would label myself as creative. My parents called me Jessica the Messica growing up and would motivate me by telling me I could create something in the kitchen for doing chores. It paid off for them when I became a professional chef. I think being creative is something everyone has, but it takes time and effort to cultivate and develop those talents.

When I’m in a creative funk, I turn on some music and give myself permission to make a mess. Whether that’s in the kitchen or sewing.

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