Learn How You Find Inspiration // Meet Lauren and Maria – Handlettering Artists (and more!)

If I were going to create the hand lettering version of a fantasy football team, Maria and Lauren would be my quarterbacks. Seriously, I love following these two on Instagram and seeing what they create. Although they’re both hand letterers, they have such unique and amazing styles. They also both have great thoughts on creativity and finding inspiration. 

You can find Maria on Instagram at @mariaharmandesign and you can see her portfolio here.

You can find Lauren on Instagram at @blushriverdesign and you can purchase her Procreate brushes (and more) on her Etsy shop!

First up, Maria: I’m an aspiring Hand Letterer and graphic designer. It’s taken me years of creating to finally come to terms with the fact that I’m creative haha. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been doodling words and letters in the margins of papers, or even tracing them with my finger on table tops (which my friends have lovingly assured me is not quite normal haha). I did receive a BFA in Graphic Design from USU five years ago and that has given me almost like an official stamp of approval that I really am a creative person.

I honestly almost feel compelled to create at times. It’s such a personal vehicle for self expression that I think I kind of feed off. Plus, there are so many different type faces and styles of illustration that I feel like I’ll never run out of things to try.

Where do you find inspiration/how do you get out of a creative funk?

I like to look at the work of people I admire. Instagram and Pinterest have become such a source of inspiration to me, from color palettes to type styles, I constantly find myself saving other artist’s work to reference later that makes me excited to start creating again. Oh, also vintage labels and ads are so so dreamy and always get my little retro loving heart beating faster and ready to create.

I’ve been completely smitten by @bydylanm as a source of creative inspiration lately.

What is your favorite quote about creativity?

“Perfection will only hold you back.” – Stephen Kunz

What is your favorite creative activity that someone might not expect?
I adore makeup! It’s been a side hobby of mine for at least ten years and I love creating new eye looks that are bold, colorful, and still (mostly) appropriate for every day life.
Meet Lauren: I make and sell Procreate brushes and color palettes, SVGs, fonts and digital prints. I have always been aware that I am a creative individual, I believe we all are. I have further refined and developed my creativity by simply doing it often and not being afraid of “doing it wrong”. I try to make a conscious effort to squash any power fear is trying to get.
I deeply believe that we came from a Heavenly Father who is the ultimate creator. I believe a huge part of my purpose gets fulfilled when I create. My mental health is stable when I create, because it lets me express myself. It helps me to work out my emotions in a healthy way. It releases tension and stress and makes me feel like I am being productive.
Where do you find inspiration/how do you get out of a creative funk?
When I am in a creative funk for designing something new or unique – I simply just play and have fun. I let go of any expectations or negative feelings and I just do anything I feel passionate about at the time. I don’t allow any external influences to come in, and I only do intrinsic led activities. Comparison is a major flame dampener for me, so I just let what is inside of me come out. Then I make sure to put it out into the world, and decide before hand that I am happy with it. This helps me to kill any of the power fear might have in my creative block.
I follow a lot of people on Instagram, but I don’t look to any one person for inspiration. It’s a really big deal to me to be intrinsically motivated. So I try not to get ideas from any one person.
What is your favorite creative activity that someone might not expect?
I actually love cooking. I went to school for Professional Cooking in college. I also love crocheting/knitting/sewing were my passions before I started digital design and modern calligraphy. I still love them immeasurably, but with 3 kids that are 3 and under it’s just not feasible at the moment. I used to design quilts, and knit/crochet patterns. I designed my wedding quilt that I had quests sign instead of a book, which I still look at often, it happens to be on my bed right now. I designed an amigurumi bunny, designed a C2C Christ block for my crochet Christmas blanket. When my children are a little older, I’ll definitely be doing it again.

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    1. Girl, watch the Facebook classifieds! That’s where we found my iPad for a killer deal! And I want to buy allll the brushes too. Haha. And it’s so fun to practice hand lettering on the iPad because you can undo and erase. I feel like it’s easier to improve!

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