Creative Fashion // Meet Elisabeth!

Elisabeth is one of my dearest friends. We lived in the same stairwell one year in college and found that we had so many things in common. We’ve road tripped to blog conferences together, competed for the mayorship of the local Chick-fil-a (lol remember foursquare?), and even got to be coworkers for a while! 
I’ve always been so impressed by Elisabeth’s confidence and creativity in her fashion sense. She inspires me in many ways. You’re going to enjoy reading her interview and learning from her today!
You can find Elisabeth on Instagram at @fashioncrime.

When you are in a creative funk, what do you do to reignite your creativity?

Exercise. I know it sounds crazy, but over the past couple of years I’ve noticed if I’m not exercising regularly, I always get in a funk. I also like to people-watch. You can get a lot of outfit/fashion inspiration simply from those around you.

Why is creating important to you?

Creating is important to me because I think creativity impacts everyone. Because even if you’re in a field that doesn’t necessarily promote creativity in the way we think of creativity directly, it can be found.

Would you label yourself as “creative”? Have you always been a creative individual? How have you developed creativity?

I didn’t label myself as a creative for a long time. I always thought that to be considered creative I had to be able to draw or take pictures or make something physical and as creative as I am – my drawing skills are amateur at best. It’s only been in the last year that I’ve really realized how creative fashion is. I think I’ve always been creative although I don’t think I conscientiously thought that when I was younger. I scrapbooked when I was in high school and participated in speech and drama and I ended up winning a gift card in a ceramics competition. Those all seem very different from each other, but definitely cultivated my creativity. Fashion is my true creative passion though.

What is your favorite creative activity that someone might not expect?

I really like cooking and baking. I’m not good at making up recipes or anything, but sometimes I’ll add or subtract things from recipes to see what I like and don’t like.

Who do you follow on Instagram for creative inspiration?

@beccaclason has been my current favorite creative inspiration. She does a ton of stop motion videos and they’re incredible!

What is your business/blog/hobby?

I’ve been trying to get my business, Shop Your Closet, up and running!

Do you have any other thoughts on creativity that you’d like to add?

I think the most important thing about creativity is finding out what it means for yourself. Don’t let societal parameters pressure you to define creativity in specific way. There is always creativity to be found!

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