Brittany and Joanna

Brittany & Joanna are such wonderful people and I am forever grateful for them in my life. Brittany and I met through blogging and have kept in touch for years. My bridal pictures include hydrangeas from her garden. She has been such a valuable support to me in speaking to my doctor about postpartum depression. 

Joanna and I have been friends since high school! We sang together in Madrigals and social media has kept us close since we no longer live in the same state. We use Instagram messages as a way to cheer each other on in our goals and challenges. She’s one of the best accountability partners I’ve ever had!

Meet Joanna Hackman! You can find her on Instagram at @joannahackman or on her blog at

When you are in a creative funk, what do you do to reignite your creativity?

If I’m stumbling over some writer’s block, sometimes it helps to reread some of my favorite things I’ve written. It’s like a little wink from my past self that I can do this. Other times, it eases some of that tension and adds the fun back in if I step away to do something entirely different creatively. Like working on a graphic, some kind of photo, or doodle. It may not be something that’s ever shared, but creating just for me is just as important.

Why is creating important to you?

It feeds my soul! I believe we were created in the image of our maker – the most creative one of all! If that’s true, I think it’s no surprise that so many (myself included) feel called to create.

Would you label yourself as “creative”? Have you always been a creative individual? How have you developed creativity?

I would. And it still makes me giggle a little bit to say it, admit it. Like I’m declaring something about myself that others might question. But it’s always who I have known myself to be. Whether it’s been acting, singing, doodling, writing, storytelling, pretending I can dance… creating is in my bones. I’m finally at the place in my life where I don’t believe I have to have a specific measure of success to identify as a creative. I’ll wear that badge with pride!

What is your favorite creative activity that someone might not expect?

I really like graphic design. I have no training in it whatsoever, no fancy programs I know how to wield. But I really love using Canva or Spark Post to create quote cards and things to post on social media or my blog. Sometimes people will repost the things I’ve made not knowing that it wasn’t just a graphic I found on Pinterest. It never fails to make me smile.

Who do you follow on Instagram for creative inspiration?

@EliseCreates (duh!) – her creative talents know no bounds. I’m always (and never) surprised by the skills she shares.
@KindredWedEvents – I’m not prepping to get married (10 year anniversary coming up!) – but Sarah always has beautiful photos, graphics, and ideas to share. They always leave me feel dreamy and inspired.
@LGEmerick – Leah is my favorite photographer extraordinaire. The images she creates are stunning.
@WeldedRoots / @TheKatTuohy – fab photog and jewelry maker! Kat is all about a creative life & I love following her.
@JenessaWait inspires me creatively and spiritually with her words and graphics.

Do you have any other thoughts on creativity that you’d like to add? Favorite quotes?

“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.” – Brené Brown

Meet Brittany! You can find her on Instagram at @muchmoreprecious, on her blog, or on YouTube!

When you are in a creative funk, what do you do to reignite your creativity?

I’ve actually learned not to push it. I’m starting to trust that life is a process and I’m not meant to be creative all the time. So I try a little here, and I try a little there, and sometimes I got nothin. And then sometimes the inspiration starts to flow.

Why is creating important to you?

It helps me accept and make sense of the things that have happened to me and gives them beauty and meaning. More recently, I have been using writing to help write me through the things I am going through. These experiences often inspire my

Would you label yourself as “creative”? Have you always been a creative individual? How have you developed creativity?

I wouldn’t think of myself as creative in the general meaning of the word. I did well in school growing up, I could ace spelling tests and get 100% on my math assignment. But when it came to art, I remember feeling so embarrassed that I didn’t have the same spark that I did for academic things. I remember my art project would usually not look like the teacher’s and I would sometimes crumple it up and stuff it to the back of my desk. I have realized that creativity manifests itself in many, many ways. The way I use it is in writing, speaking, and presenting my thoughts in interesting ways. I’ve found that processing my experiences through writing and other ways of sharing them actually ends up influencing my outward creativity. There are places in my house I’ve put together that express the things that I have learned and the things I hold tight to.

What is your favorite creative activity that someone might not expect?

I like to take everything I’m experiencing and reading and learning and turn it into videos that I share on YouTube and more recently on Facebook. It is therapeutic for me to make them and to receive feedback that other people have had similar feelings. I also hope they can help people.

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